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Bring Your Favorite Food Stand To Your Next Party!

Be Part of V-Nation!

Be Part of V-Nation!

Bring Rochester’s Favorite Food Stand To Your Next Party!

Handing Out Experiences One Hot Dog at a Time

Amongst the lines and rodeos of food trucks stands Mr. V’s Street Style Vending, a mobile food vendor and caterer who has fed the Greater Rochester Area with an array of American grilled food for over 29 years. Make friends with the locals of Rochester, NY during lunchtime when you come to our Crittenden Blvd location. Love our food? Why not have your friends and family experience and enjoy at your next party or event!

Invite Mr. V’s Street Style Vending To Your Event

Take the hassle out of preparing a menu and feeding guests for any function. Party and event-goers can choose from delicious crowd-pleasing favorites like hot dogs, cheeseburgers, sausages and chicken breasts. Buns, utensils, and condiments are provided so guests can slather on their favorite condiments like ketchup, mustard, and Mr. V’s homemade meat sauce at no extra cost.

Catering packages start at a minimum of 75 people. If you have any special requests, we’d love to hear them. Pick your date and find a perfect package that will satisfy your hungry guests!


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Mr. V

Mr. V’s History

Jon Verno got his start in street vending in the winter of 1995. While trying to make a go of a career in broadcasting, he leased a vending cart to supplement his income. The following spring, Verno set up on his own. He opened his first cart on the corner of Goodman Street and Monroe Avenue across from the old Paradise Alley bar. Fifteen years later, Verno sent out two carts on the weekends – one to his original location, and another to the patio behind Prepp’s Bar on Park Avenue – and devotes a significant amount of time to catering and festivals. He recently added new lunchtime locations at Strong Hospital. You can find Mr V during lunchtimes at Strong Hospital. If anyone is a natural for this business, it’s Verno. Jon’s philosophy is not about gaining a three dollar sale, but about establishing a relationship. Mr. V’s operation takes things to a different level in the food business. He prepares every sandwich as if he was preparing it to eat himself. For him, Mr. V’s is a “lifestyle” he wouldn’t willingly give up, even when the weather turns foul. After 25 years, Mr V has retired from late night food carts, but continues to do event catering. Mr. V’s unquestionably is the champagne of street meat.


Mr. V’s Street Style Vending
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Available 24/7